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rKey Capacitive Touch Key Module - 2.0" (51mm)

Rogue Robotics

rKey Capacitive Touch Key Module - 2.0" (51mm)



  • Detection depth of up to 0.4" - recommended maximum
  • 2" x 2" (51mm x 51mm) size, 1.5" x 1.35" (38mm x 34mm) key area
  • -40C to +85C industrial temperature range
  • Self-calibrating
  • Internally de-bounced
  • Logic levels (+5V output/input)
  • User controllable LED
  • Maximum durability when mounted in sealed environment
  • Works under wood, plastic, glass, fabric, etc
  • Other sizes available, custom solutions available - email us

Example Applications

  • POP/Kiosk control panel
  • Interactive Art
  • Retail Music Playback displays
  • Industrial control panels/stations
  • Halloween props
  • Museum and Science Center exhibits
  • ... and much more!


The rKEY capacitive keys allow OEM designers and hobbyists to quickly and easily add capacitive touch keys to their projects and products.

The rKEY capacitive keys series are compact (starting at 2" by 2" down to 1"x1") footprint boards, providing an easy to use non-mechanical touch switch for environmentally sealed environments and interactive displays such as music playback stations.

rKEY capacitive keys are self-calibrating, and extremely robust for the harshest environments.

The rKEY can be mounted behind various materials - plastics, wood, and glass to a suggested maximum thickness of 0.4". With an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C, it is suitable for various extreme environments.


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